Low pressure, high-flow, ultra-filtration technology meeting and exceeding World Health Organisation requirements for safe drinking water.

Breeze water Purifier is a low-cost, lightweight and portable water purification unit that requires no energy input.

  • Produces 10,000 litres of clean drinking water per day per unit.
  • No power or chemicals required.
  • No replacement filters required.
  • Effectively purifies most non-saline surface and ground waters.
  • Quick and easy setup produces clean water instantly.
  • Is lightweight - easily stored, transported and redeployed.
  • Can be wall mounted or freestanding.
  • No technical skills or knowledge needed for setup operation or maintenance.
  • Suitable for household, community and commercial use.
  • Gravity fed with low or high water pressure set up options.
  • Can be used for short term or long term applications.
  • Can be used alone or configured into multi-unit banks.
  • No replaceable parts.
  • Totally sustainable.
  • 10 year or longer life.

Simple, affordable,
clean drinking water
wherever you are.

Remote Communities

Remote communities, villages,schools and health clinics can now have access to safe drinking water and hygienic hand-washing water.

Exploration Camps

Remote sites, work camps and travellers now have clean water when and where they need it. It can also be packed and stored away ready for use at another location when needed.

Farming Properties

Water from dams, creeks, springs and waterholes can be transformed into drinking water for farming households and workers.

Water Treatment Plants

Multiple Purifying units can be set up in banks of units where high volumes of water are required.

Pre- Treatment

The purifier can be setup as a pre-treatment device for reverse osmosis, nano-filtration and other water treatment operations to reduce loading and prolong life.

How does the Breeze water purifier work?

The technology is simple. The operation is simple. The results are outstanding. Breeze water purifier uses thousands of tiny, hollow fibres to filter out contaminates and produce clean, safe water in 3 simple steps:

  1. Raw water in
    Raw water flows into the Breeze water purifier at low pressure using only gravity from an overhead tank or from a pump fitted with a pressure reducing device

  2. Filtration
    The untreated water passes through thousands of tiny, hollow fibres in the internal filter module. Contaminates are trapped in a maze of microscopic pores while clean, clear water filters to the inside of the fibres.

  3. Clean water out
    Clean water - free of contaminates - is produced and stored in tanks or piped to household or commercial supplies.

The Breeze water filtration unit is the right solution

The Breeze water purifier is an affordable, simple solution for producing drinking water in remote locations while overcoming the limitations of most other water filtration methods for both domestic and commercial use because it is:

  • High-volume
  • Transportable
  • Low-cost
  • Simple setup
  • Manually operated
  • Chemical-free

Domestic Use

The Breeze water purifier can be used to provide clean, safe water for drinking and other uses including cleaning, cooking and washing. If your home is supplied by ground water (well or cistern) or surface water (lake or river), the Breeze water purifie is an ideal water filtration solution for you.

Commercial Use

The Breeze water purifier is a perfect solution for supplying drinking water to remote locations or communities. It can also be used for supplying clean drinking water to water kiosks, point-of-sale bottled and bulk water production, water distribution networks, mobile water vendors and portable water treatment operations.

The Breeze water purifier is suitable for other applications such as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis. The Breeze water purifier gives you simple, affordable, clean water wherever you are.

The purifying operation is simple to setup and maintain!

Quick Set-up

Simple step-by-step instructions are included with the Breeze water purifier and no technical skills are required to operate the unit. The AquaSentry can be wall-mounted or setup on feet supplied. Multiple purifying units can also be setup and linked together for high volume water production. The Breeze water purifier is ready to start producing clean water immediately after setup.

Easy Cleaning

Simply shut off water production and agitate the cleaning handles on top of the unit back and forth by hand for 1 minute.

This shakes the contaminates free from the filter fibres leaving them clean and ready to use. The backwash water is flushed away. Once every month add 2 teaspoons of chlorine to the Breeze water purifier and let the fibres soak for an hour - this dissolves any accumulated contaminants. Flush the chlorine solution away to start producing clean water again.

Best of all, the Breeze filter is built to operate for years without replacement filters providing the unit is maintained properly.

The Breeze Water Purifier removes:

  • Turbidity
  • Protozoa
  • Bacteria
  • Pathogens
  • Parasites
  • Viruses

  • Does not remove saline or dissolved chemicals or minerals.
  • Meets World Health Organisation (WHO) Protocols for drinking water standards.

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